To design a growing catalog of games that include players of every experience level.
To foster and encourage game development; enabling others to bring their ideas to the market place at any scale.

Message from @EJLizama

Our flagship system, The MV Game Engine, is released under a Creative Commons License to encourage others to build worlds and integrate them with ours and one another.
The Multiverse is a big place and there's no way we could build it on our own.

As we continue to invest in a world of worlds, we will always put the people, friends and family first; integrity and honor are at the forefront of our values.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns (or anything you'd like to geek our about), I am always available: EJLizama@LizardLlamaGames.com

Emanuel J. Lizama
Founder of Lizard-Llama Games LLC

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