Current Games Developed in Partnership with Lizard-Llama Games

Survive 2 Five

Survive 2 Five is an adult party game that pits employee versus employee to see who can escape the workday as unscathed as possible.

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Currently in development.

The Shift Game Series: Back Nine by Phil Moulton

A fast paced, push your luck game, played over nine rounds (it is Golf-Themed if you didn't notice).

2 to 6 players / 15+ Min / All Ages

Game Design / Illustrations: Phil Moulton
(Click here to learn more about Phil!)
Additional Game & Graphic Design: Emanuel Lizama

Casa Gato by Phil Moulton

A classic roll and move game where you collect fish, navigate past the kitchen and up to the top of a cat hotel.

2 to 4 Players / 30+ Min / All Ages

Game Design / Illustrations: Phil Moulton
Additional Game & Graphic Design: Emanuel Lizama

Currently in development.

Own a Piece of Casa Gato

There are 37 hand drawn cats that populate Casa Gato.
Original Oil Pencil - Pastel; Framed with UV Anti-Reflective Glass; Size 12" by 14" Inches; Available for Purchase Now.

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Collaborating is at the heart of all we do; helping fellow designers bring their ideas to life is exhilarating.

If you have an idea (no matter what the stage), it definitely helps having someone to ask questions and provide insightl; OR if you want to collaborate and have Lizard-Llama Games help bring your thoughts to the table, shoot us an email.

We are also available for remote playtesting (Tabletop Simulator / Tabletopia) and will provide detailed feedback to enable you to improve your game(s)!

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