Philip Charles Moulton

Game Designer, Illustrator

Phil has partnered with Lizard-Llama Games to help produce his library of games that are well suited for an all ages, family game night!
Scroll for more information. Back Nine is available for purchase, here!


At the age of 3, Philip Moulton was put into short skiis, and prodded off the snowy roof, sliding down to the deep snow alongside their Keychum, ID House. Since then, adventure was the goal!

After his degree in Graphic Arts, Philip ran 8 different businesses during the 40 years after college. His development of games began in 1985. Since then, he has created 10 different games.

Teaming up with Emanuel Lizama and Lizard-Llama Games has been a decision in the right direction to reach a larger audience to help families create as many memories as possible.

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A classic roll and move game where you collect fish, navigate past the kitchen and up to the top of a cat hotel. BEWARE of DOG!

2 to 4 Players / 30+ Min / All Ages

Game Design / Illustrations: Phil Moulton
Additional Game & Graphic Design: Emanuel Lizama

Original Cats of Casa Gato Available for Purchase Now

The Shift Game Series: Back Nine by Phil Moulton

A fast paced, push your luck game, played over nine rounds (it is Golf-Themed if you didn't notice).

2 to 6 players / 15+ Min / All Ages

Game Design / Illustrations: Phil Moulton
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Additional Game & Graphic Design: Emanuel Lizama

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