Multiverse: The Game
The First Wave

Our first game utilizing The MV Game Engine with everything you need to navigate the multiverse.

The cast of characters include everyday people who might stumble across a rift in space-time in an alleyway and those who actively navigate all the worlds.

Featuring the Art of Rob Hebert; RPG game designer and owner of Nerdy Paper Games.


33 Allies

21 Locations

6 Characters

6 Backgrounds

4 Asset Trackers

2 Scenarios

60 Clear Tokens

NOTE: Characters, Backgrounds and Scenarios are double sided.

Interstellar Olympus

With this Mythic 18 Card Expansion, you can give your characters a celestial touch as they navigate the multiverse.

Featuring the Art of Sarah 'Sai' Rebecca; author, game designer, publisher; prolific creator all around.


8 Allies

6 Locations

4 Backgrounds

NOTE: Backgrounds are double sided.

The Lawless Expansion

In a double sized, 36 Card Expansion, you'll be able to catch a glimpse of the criminal underworld that spans the multiverse!

Score extra points for capturing the lawless or points for unleashing evil, corrupting the uncorruptable.

This Expansion introduces a new card type: The Event Card (Jail Break).

Featuring the art of Joshua Green; Legendary Horror and Comic Book Artist.


20 Allies

7 Locations

2 Characters

4 Backgrounds

2 Scenarios

1 Event Card

NOTE: Characters, Backgrounds and Scenarios are double sided.

The Cynthia Williams Expansion

Cynthia Williams is a founding member of the MVTG family, helping to shape the game early on with iconography and concept art. With her additional efforts: Increased Replayability!

When mixed with 'The First Wave' this brings the possible Character/Background combinations to: 576.

Featuring the art of Cynthia Williams; Taum Mama, Monster Maker, Fantasy Painter.


6 Characters

6 Backgrounds

6 Scenarios

NOTE: Characters, Backgrounds and Scenarios are double sided.

Echoes and Shadows

In the Echoes and Shadows that exist in the folds of the Multiverse are Allies and Locations which manifest the skills you need to survive.

The included cards are designed to help you change the speed of the game and better integrate different sets together.

Echoes and Shadows will be available in the Multiverse: The Game, Deluxe Box.

Alternate Colored Echoes and Shadows Expansions will also be available via POD.

7 Allies
7 Locations

2 Scenarios

1 Event
1 Promo Card

NOTE: Scenarios are double sided.

Sweet Soul Expansion

In this Narative Driven" 18 card expansion set, we explore the fight for balance as ancient forces tug on the fate of one individual.

The story is played over the course of four chapters (Scenarios) as your actions will determine the Cycle of the Ethereal. 

Characters based on a world built by Marissa Moulton and featuring the art of Amanda Kurley; Warlord, Ink & Paper Master.


12 Allies
4 Backgrounds

2 Scenarios

NOTE: Backgrounds and Scenarios are double sided.

Additional Promo Cards

These two Allies will be printed on foil card stock, available in limited quantities during conventions (or special giveaways).

They will also be available printed on standard card stock at

Director Coul Clarkson, Multiverse Agent Recruiter
Art by Rob Hebert (See Link Above).

The Silver Dagger, Inter-Dimensional Hero
Art by Errol Grencio & Fredrico Soic
(Courtesy of Planet Random Comics).

We want to hear from you.

So far there have been a handful of artists, designers and playtesters involved in Multiverse: The Game. Each have added something remarkable; their input, styles and influence are felt across the multiverse.

There are also planned future stand alone games using The MV Game Engine! Some of these new games will add new mechanics bend the rules of the game while being 100% compatible with all other games and expansions.

If you'd like to collaborate and get support from our team as you self-publish your own stand alone game or expansion using The MV Game Engine, we are an email away:

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