Welcome to the Multiverse

While working on the MV Game Engine, we felt we had the framework for any number of themes and ideas; more ideas we could ever come up with; so we wanted to share it with existing game designers, new designers, artists and storytellers.

Releasing it under a Creative Commons License (CC BY 4.0) felt like the best choice to give you the most flexibility to self-publish titles and expansions.

Click here to read more about Multiverse: The Game and its expansions.

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Resources (Coming Soon)

Below is a list of resources that will available to you as you develop your own content for the Multiverse Game Engine. 


We have a bundle of assets available in Transparent PNGs that can be imported into any graphic or card layout program.

They include:


Card Layouts

Card Back

Rule Book

Reference Guides


Video Tutorials

We have a playlist available on our YouTube Channel that serves as a tutorial into the system.

Videos include:

System Overview and Introduction

Character & Background Review

Allies & Locations Review

Keyword & Skills Review

Scenario & Events Review
.CSV Tutorials

Lizard-Llama Support

Wherever you are during the develpment process (from conception to the printer), we are available to answer questions. 

Email: EJLizama@LizardLlamaGames.com

Phone: +1 (607) 217-8806

Business Hours: 9a- 4p PST (12p - 7p EST)

Early Access to Promo Cards

As a special thanks, during your game development, we will periodically send out Promo Cards!

These are usually only available at in-person events or conventions (OR not available anyone where else!) but since you're actively navigating the Multiverse, we want to make sure you have allies by your side and locations to visit!  Send an email to EJLizama@LizardLlamaGames.com.

Limited Availablity!

Supporting The MV Game Engine

Your donation will help expedite the development and maintenance of The MV Game Engine, so it can be available to everyone at no cost! (Including the above mentioned: Art Assets, Tutorials & System Support)

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